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#Trending in Milan

Posted on01 Jul 2011
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By: AJ of University of Georgia. Follow me @arrrcher.

So, Milan Fashion Week just wrapped up and everyone has packed up and moved to Paris where the excitement continues. I, however, would like to linger in Italy for a bit longer, maybe tour the Coliseum, take a ride in a gondola … or review some of the keystone pieces in the fashion shows.

On my Twitter account, I had been keeping tabs on the #mfw hashtag — standing for Milan Fashion Week. The weekend of June 18, I was browsing my dashboard and saw the GQ Fashion Twitter account had posted its “Editors’ Picks: The Best Looks of the Day.”

GQ, Twitter, tweet, GQFashion, Band of Outsiders, college fashion, college style, double-breasted jacket

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To feed my curiosity I decided to follow the link and, as promised, I saw two really awesome outfits from the Band of Outsiders collection — one of which you can see here:

Milan Fashion Week, Band of Outsiders, double-breasted jacket, GQ, GQFashion, college fashion, college style

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As I continued to browse the slideshow of editors’ picks, I noticed that the appearance of the double-breasted jackets didn’t stop after Band of Outsiders. The editors had also chosen two looks from Prada and a Zegna look that featured the jackets.

Seeing the apparent trend, I did the first thing I could think of — I ran to the nearest thrift store to start digging around for a double-breasted jacket to call my own. Lo and behold, I found one — and it was in a summer color! I think this is an appropriate time to say I was #winning.

blazer, double-breasted jacket, chinos, cole haan, milan fashion week, college fashion, college style

This bright green, double-breasted jacket was located at Covington’s Salvation Army for the low price of $5. I paired it with a blue button-down as inspiration from Bottega Veneta, who had a picture on the list of editors’ picks in which he paired the vibrant green and subtle blue nicely. I unfortunately did not come across any green pants (or I would have stolen the complete look from Veneta), so I threw on some of J. Crew chinos and a pair of thrifted Cole Haan split-toe dress shoes.

Twitter and Fashion

Let’s think about this for a minute: I picked up on a trend in Milan and brought it to Georgia. That’s about 4,760 miles of physical separation. It should be impossible for me to get news that quickly. Thanks to social networking, however, it isn’t.

I don’t want to generalize, but just about every fashion magazine has a Twitter account associated with its publication. This allows the editors to keep in touch with their readers on a more personal level. The information gets out faster and more efficiently, which leaves everyone happier.

It also offers writers who are doing on-location assignments the opportunity to get their stories — or at least pieces of them — out early. Instead of having to get back to the desk and produce the copy, they can tweet a picture or a blurb and let their readers know what they’re working on.

If I hadn’t been following GQ Fashion on Twitter, I would have had to wait until the magazine ran a Milan Fashion Week special, go pick up and pay for the magazine and sift through every page for the good stuff. Long story short, it would have been a hassle. Instead, you can check out what Italian people are wearing on the street right this minute:

Elle, Twitter, Italy, Milan Fashion Week, college style, college fashion

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I utilized my Twitter account in a way that was resourceful and got the newest fashions sent straight to my computer.

Accounts to Follow

Guys: Try following @gqfashion, @detailsfashion, @theurbangent or @essential_homme. All of these Twitter accounts are associated with popular men’s fashion magazine publications. They are always posting current trends — all of which you can keep up with from the comfort of your seat.

Girls: Try following @luckymagazine, @ellemagazine, @voguemagazine or @instyle. These Twitter accounts are geared towards women’s fashion — clothes, hairstyles and everything in between. Follow them and find what works for you!


What is your favorite fashion Twitter account? Also, follow us @collegestyle12 for the lastest news in college fashion and life!



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